Reviews for "Home Movies: FFS"

not bad kinda just a recreation though

the flash was cool but not much going on. The nurse wasnt bad lookin either


i love this show

good i liked how it flowed smoothly

ok i just haft to ask are you on drugs Ryn0 i mean really first in your review you said it was good and you gave it a four and your score shows 3 and if you meant a vote of 4 then why did you give it a score of 3 plus if you really did give it that low of a score why you dont even know the show and even if you didnt it still made sence and was funny. here let me explain i was a guy talking to a chick about how fat here dad is cause he thinks that if girls have a fat father then maybe like big fat guys.

??? O.o ???

WTF? Okaayyyy...I dunno wtf home movies isss....so could someone fill me in cuzzz....yeah....the animation was prettty bomb...gotta agree with the other dudes...that nurse was pretty bangable....and the sound was good tooo...so a 4 based on that.....other than that....I was lost, lol.


lol i love home movies, great stuff!