Reviews for "Home Movies: FFS"


Was that your voice or your repensentation of what happened on the show?(with the original actors voice)

I think your art was better than the original

I'm a fan of your work and a fan of Home Movies (that shows banter was great) so by keeping that in tact and, in my humble opinion, elevating the art style I loved this. If I had to give suggestions to improve from here I would try to add some original material in sound and story but to keep it in line with the ripped parts would be difficult. I just think you could do it! Great job overall.

Yup, good job.

You captured the emotions really well. The awkwardness that is every one of Coach Mcgurk's conversations was portraed beautifully here.

Thanks for this uploading this and please consider making more!

t3h hotzorz

Niiiiiiiice nurse.


At first, I was too scared to watch this because I was afraid that it was some horrific fan rendition that would enrage me, but I watched it and I'm impressed!
I'm VERY GLAD you used the original sound script and I love the way you animated it. Home Movies is one of my all time favorite shows and I think you did it justice! :D

You should do more.
Longer ones too.
I'd watch 'em. :DDD