Reviews for "Home Movies: FFS"

I'd say better than the show

well I've never been into Home Movies, the animation they use just burns my eyes, but if you cover that up which GOOD animation, well you get something like this. it was funny~ but could have picked a funnier scene :la wasn't feeling the replay value

still, very solid word


Home Movies is an awesome show. I watch it every day!

This flash was great but the scene you animated would have made more sense if you showed the scene where McGurk explained his fat father syndrome theory beforehand


damn nice :P
i loved it
you did a better job with the flash in animation than the actual show haha
i know yours is shorter but still :)
god job good job


You are the first person that has done a Home Movie skit and didn't butcher it. You might've even done a better job then the makers themselves. You did a great job man... you seem to have a knack for producing awesome thing. Keep it up.

That was cool

It's home movies as i've never seen it. I love the work of brendan small. Metalocalypse is brilliant. I used Jason's Theme in one of my toons i think...

anyway cool. nice one :D