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Reviews for "This week in Kratos"


Lol this was hilarious...the graphics are good and the sound is good...
But Kratos macs biddies haven't you played the games he gets laid all the time...

Can't wait for a sequel!


TheMillz responds:

Oh I've played the games good sir. They're so awsome, I can't understand why I've only seen like 2 other GOW flashes, serious, the portal should be crawling with them. Thanks for the high score, glad you liked it, show your friends :D


Good stuff. I loved the parking ticket sequence. The God of War Games are definitely my favorites. I'm in the process of beating the second one now.


Honestly that was awesome, i only rated it one lower because the animation needs work. we need a series called the Month of Kratos or something.


It was pretty funny, lol. I loved the foster child part, lol.

good flash

keep it up,it was pretty funny