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Reviews for "This week in Kratos"

ah man

You didn't get a price for this??!! XD omg even Egoraptor reviewed it and said he liked it!
Very funny man, but sometimes it was a bit hard to hear what they were saying. Perhaps some subtitles?

Ha ha ha ha ha

That was entertaining, the graphics weren't bad, the voice acting was good, and the concept was hilarious, and the adding of the PS2 controls for his everyday life things was hilarious, GREAT FREAKING JOB MAN,

PS: Can you do a Grand Theft Auto one like this? lol that'd be sick

How about at the funeral?

Man Kratos is more messed up than everyone in my family put together. Even though I saw some of the jokes coming they were still funny. I just statred playing "God of War" but it seems like a good game and err did that thing in the description about killing his family spoil something for me?


That Was funny But I wish people would make more GOW things. You know?

TheMillz responds:

Completely man, I'm trying to get the ball rolling here.


you have rely good comerdy skiz so make more grat work