Reviews for "Anusboy"

Great animation!

I Loved the animation style, Anusboy looked fantastic.


I personally enjoyed this video, it made me feel not so good on the inside at times, but that just makes me better of its artistic value. To criticize this as 'weird' speaks of a consumer mind and not an artist's. The work presented a lot of effective visual stimulation with a story that was mostly able to be followed. I give it a 9 because I felt it needed a bit more, whether a bit more explanation on a few details or just to bring the story full circle or to a concluding meaning. Of course, I can understand if it was meant to be of an apparition of the subconscious or whatever, but as a work I personally felt it needed a finishing touch. And if it is meant to be a sequelized event, than you get a 9 for making me wait! ;P
Nice work!


"Thats So Fucked Up , I have to watch it again"

Totally out-there!

This was very abstract, and twisted. I liked it alot though, and I found it be very funny, especially the part with the girl who has her legs spread and her breasts popping out of her top, and that guy who is just staring at her only says "YES!"
Your art style is only similar to that of "Ren and Stimpy" only your style is more grotesque; I mean that in the best way possible too.


i like how he killed the tri-deity, in a pokemon shirt, of all things to kill god in. haha and two typical lowbrow NG users below me don't appreciate an alternative style, and would rather view inane tripe, well i beg to differ! you are a good man with some crazy shit in your head, and you should keep it up! i love your art style and profound expressionism! keep your stick on the ice, man.

W-P-S responds:

Thank you kindly my good man!