Reviews for "Anusboy"

Muy Frito

That was some wicked animation. Very err- interesting style. Anusboy. I kept expecting him to puke shit on the little boy with the gun. Have you ever seen stainboy?

Anyways, kudos on your animation.

W-P-S responds:

I've never seeeeen stainboy.

And thankss

exotic and exquisit

The hole way you portraid this flash was just pure excellence. I thought that it was really funny how you changed a lot the design of the pokemon kid while conserving its original characteristics. The design of anusboy is just simply funny. It was really great seeing how you didnt put much effort to the classroom backgrounds, however this payed off at the dream, that was some photoshop magestic piece. The random jokes are ammusing and it really falls under the style I like. Great flash my friend, shows a lot of your mind (not the brutality but the amount of cleverness you posses). By showing how your mind I mean the way you think, out of the box! The color scheme is amazing, this simply is a master piece, im taking my hat off my friend, its been a while since i havent seen some great animation piece so well made.

Looking forward for anusboy 2.

W-P-S responds:

"photoshop magestic piece."

I didn't use photoshop, you silly boy!


Your drawing and animation style is absolutely OUTSTANDING! I really like the implementation of hand drawn stuff. Make more!

omfg that was analrific!

hell yeah man that was deliciously twisted.

In a class of its own.

Graphics: 10/10. There are lots of different kinds of animation on Newgrounds. There's shitty stick figures. There's pasted sprites. There's decent hand-drawn stuff. But this is in that extremely rare class of epic, because unlike the vast majority of animations on Newgrounds, this is truly art. If there's a word for this style, I don't know it, but it reminds me of John Kricfalusi's work, what with the grotesque images and all. Really good stuff.

Sound: 10/10. No complaints here; the background music, sound effects, and voices were all swell.

Humor/Message: 10/10. I'm not sure if humor is the right word to describe this flash. There was humor to be had, if one wanted it---the slutty girl and her enthusiastic admirer, and God/Allah/whatever the fuck that was getting shot in the eye---but its tone had that sort of "it's as serious or lighthearted as you want it to be" thing that David Firth pulls off pretty well.

Overall presentation: 10/10. With animation on a professional level of skill and talent, polished audio, and a storyline very open to interpretation, this is among the best flashes that Newgrounds has to offer, even if you don't get as much credit as other less controversial authors (many of whom are overrated).

Ways to improve: I really can't think of anything. This flash wasn't lacking in any noticeable way.

Awesome stuff.

W-P-S responds:

Thank you kindly!