Reviews for "Anusboy"


Reminds me vaugely of a character I created long ago named assface, who was a gay wigger with an ass for a face. And yes, he did poop.

W-P-S responds:

you go, girl!


I reconized right away that your the same guy that did super hero pedophile, from your twisted artwork, nice job. :)

Bad ass.

Super oldschool cartoon feel to the animation and subtle on the darkness....Just the way I like it. Good job, make more..

Oh man oh man

Ya see naw, I love this movie so much, I come back to this site every day for the sole purpose of voting five as much as possible. In fact, I may just be presumptuous enough to tell you: I love you.


That was... it was... kinda... That right there was f*cked up to say the least, the animation was pretty good though. I do have one question though, if anusboy was to vomit would he puke fecal matter or that delicious bile-food combo we all heave.