Reviews for "Anusboy"

wow lol

lol you have a very special mind :D i loved it. butthole ha, kinda scary tho haha

I love your style!

This sort of animation wake some of my primitive instincts!


Seriously what the fuck. I don't know how any seeing person could give this below a 10. Or hell, even a blind fucker should give it a 10 because of the great voice acting and audio shit.
In other words, if you live, eat, sleep, whatever, there is no reason why this should have less than a 10. Not to mention the fact that it's severely underrated.
The movie is great, the story is interesting, everything else is pretty damned cool, etc.

wtf i lost my appatiit

dam u i can't eat

W-P-S responds:

And you can't spell either.


This was a pretty good animation, because your, erm, 'Ideas' were original. I enjoyed how it gave me the creeps, even though it features a person made of butt holes, which makes me think you could make some of the scariest stuff ever if you wanted to. So yeah, I loved this animation, and, If scaryness was your intention, then you should make more of these! nice job!