Reviews for "Anusboy"


I am genuinely concerned about the mental health of the author.

Just sayin'.


what the hell!? great artwork though!

I don't even know what to say.

The fuck did i just watch?

i freakin love it

wen i see the titile i thought i wuld laugh for a sec cause of a dumb anus joke bt nahh u took the anus nd put freakin true comedy behind it.10/10

Just when you thought Ren& Stimpy was disturbing.

No wait I'm sorry this is NOTHING like Ren and Stimpy this is just...holy cow it's pure genius! Holy shit theres messed up and then theres this. I honestly don't know where to beging with this movie. FIrst of all the animation is remenicisent of all those "goth like" cartoons/movies that make society look like an abomination most noteably the school. Now we have a boy with an anus for a face trying to savee the world from some...whatever the hell that kid is.

Everything is disgusting but in an artistic way...even the fucking fly was given a close up in this movie. Honestly I can't explain it. It's vile and disgusting yet I can't look away.

That said this deserves an honorable mention and a PERFECT!