Reviews for "Anusboy"


yo that was fly as fuck tight as tin man you really got alot goin on weith this whole animation thing here dude yeah i see you hitting your style up and shit and let me just say-its beautiful. this rocks you rock and i love it hey keep on doin what you do.

W-P-S responds:

Thanks bruva, you a great kid

Oh Em Gee

Best thing I've seen all day.
And I watched the whole front page today...

Please make more.
Or I just might cry.

W-P-S responds:

Well.. yeah I can't make much more in a short period of time

This took me weeks, if not, months!


WHat the hell was that? sick shit. Didn't make any damn sense but to express one derranged flash. ...if you're going to put effort into something, why not make it plausable, not a load of meaningless sick garbage? You'd think a flash about a face of asses would be a commedy. this was...just nothing. Good artwork. Smooth-ish animation. Besides that, nothing. made me regret clicking on it

W-P-S responds:

Meaningless sick garbage is my specialty, ass


this is great also cool drawing of anusboy on the preloader


Quite entertaining, and interesting too.
The last sequence was puzzling, pretty much everything after the eye thing got shot, i'll have to watch it again sometime.

But It was great, and I love your style.