Reviews for "Anusboy"


im sorry that was just like....what......0/5 it made no sense it wasnt funny and it wasnt very good action...newxt time make a story or sense would be goood to

W-P-S responds:

thank you, very flattering


It was rather weird but i loved it
reminded me of ren and stimpy
this is truelly classic


uhhh very interesting make another one


umm i thought it was a waste of my time, nice art but bad overall movie. the artwork was what earned you the 5.

W-P-S responds:

a 5 ain't bad

That was wierd

What can I say about this flash? Besides the fact that it is unique, insane, twisted, trippy, and gruesome. When I first started watching this flash I thought that something this weird was going to be pointless and crude, but I started to enjoy it the more I watched it. It actually had a unique style, interesting plot, and high quality sounds. Despite its weirdness, it still deserves a 9/10 and 5/5.