Reviews for ""The Eagle""

this should be in first

it is probaly best song on here i love it and i have listened to it 5 times the end is the best but it should be longer other than that keep making more like this.
5/5 10/10

AudioVision responds:

Thanks lupo, and thanks for liking it! There are lots of good songs on here and I'm glad you hold mine so highly!


Wow eargasm!
This is absolutely amazing!
Keep it up!

AudioVision responds:

The aim of my songs is always to incur eargasms!

So awesome!

I feel sorry that I can only give you ten stars and a rating of 5/5. You deserve more.

AudioVision responds:

There's always cash.

Thanks for liking :D

bravo my friend

your epic tunes prove that you are as you said a MAN OF THE PEOPLE

from me on behalf of the people (and animals) we thank you

AudioVision responds:

Thank you, the animal vote is always very important to me when composing.

I will continue to write epic tunes for animals and jewish legends everywhere.


my vote brought you up a point =D! anyways, this is orchestral genius and i couldent have imagined this iconic poem sounding any other way. CHEERS!

AudioVision responds:

Glad you liked both the song and the poem! And thanks for the up-pointage. I'd like one of my songs to stay on that freaking top 30 list for more than a week for once.