Reviews for ""The Eagle""

epic,epic,epic and EPIIIIC

One thing i can say about this one is epic :) This would i make a game out thx for the music you made :D, you will get a free game off me thx for the sound, i used years to find this perfect background music :)

AudioVision responds:

And I shall play said game. Glad you liked it!

Just Awesome.

But just a phew points. Your sound was like an orchestra, Deep and immersible! But i feel as if it needed a bit more bass and the drums could have come in a pinch earlier... Other then that this song was a win!

AudioVision responds:

I'm working on getting a bit more bass into my songs. Thanks for a review!


dissapointed tat it was short in the end of the song wich was the greatest part to me


At first I was :)
Then the guitar came in and I was like :D
Then I downloaded it and I was like :D
Then I was like :'( when the cops cane for noise, complaints

AudioVision responds:

First I was like :) when I read this review.
Then I was like :D because it made me chuckle.
Then I was like :,D because you like my music.
Then I got all D: because the cops arrested you.
Then I was totally >:D because I'm breaking your ass out.


Dude you have to tell me how you do these things, i wanna learn! i love orchestral songs, this song is amazing, nice strings!, and how you came up with the drums at 1:29, i hope you make songs in the future! added to favs!

AudioVision responds:

Well I use software with a lot of sampling add-ons. I use a keyboard to play each instrument and a mouse for fine tuning. The drums I came up with in my head and then just put onto my computer! I intend to make more songs and you can check out my other ones I've made too, if you like this one you might like The World Below Ours. Thanks for the review, glad you liked it!