Reviews for ""The Eagle""

Good poem.

Love the ending!


AudioVision responds:

Thanks Aaroca, if you match up the poem and the song, the ending is the eagle taking flight.


Wow eargasm!
This is absolutely amazing!
Keep it up!

AudioVision responds:

The aim of my songs is always to incur eargasms!

this should be in first

it is probaly best song on here i love it and i have listened to it 5 times the end is the best but it should be longer other than that keep making more like this.
5/5 10/10

AudioVision responds:

Thanks lupo, and thanks for liking it! There are lots of good songs on here and I'm glad you hold mine so highly!

Very well constructed

I thought it was very good the way you wrote this piece. The only thing I think that would have made it better is at the end if you actually said the poem

AudioVision responds:

I'll take that into account. Thanks! Glad you liked it!

it realy good wish it was longer though

realy good to lissen to it

AudioVision responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!