Reviews for "Full-Life Consequences p2"


but at this rate, you could have easily put all 3 parts into 1 flash

Vegeta897 responds:

I'm too lazy, haha. Thanks for the review!

Part 3 ftw!

I want part 3 because this is very funny.

Vegeta897 responds:

I would have posted it today if Newgrounds would let me! You'll have to wait til tomorrow! Thanks for watching :)


I actually found this really funny, very well done, can't wait for Prt 3

zomyfreakinggod funny

i cant stop laughing! where did you find this fan fic? i want to see if theres on i can animate to! *falls of chair laughing*
amazing :D

Just as good as Part One... even better!

This series needs front page... definitely. Keep up with the good work, my man or lady! I can't wait to see what part three has in store...