Reviews for "~SM64 - Road to Bowser~"

Well, I was GOING to say...

...pretty much exactly what LightRiku said below me. It felt like the song was building up some, for lack of a better word, explosion, but it never happened. Even so, great piece with exactly the right pace and instruments, and I enjoyed the original bit you added in towards the end of the song. I think it's fair so say you did the original justice while still making something that stands out just fine on it's own.

Superb, but not the best from you.

Definitely one of the better remixes I've heard of the piece, but I still have issues with it. First off I'll say what I like. I loved the piano. It contrasted with the rest of the piece very nicely and was quite tasteful. The other instruments all worked well of course, but I especially liked your use of the piano. The looping was also well executed. It sounds like it could work as a song or a loop, and there's something about that which I've always loved in any remix that could pull it off. Keeping the melody forefront was a wise move, without doubt, so good job there. Roughly around 2:05 I believe is the original bridge, and I liked it. Your original bit fit in nicely with Kondo's work and seemed to belong.

Moving on, there's a key thing that I felt could be better, namely, that the feel the instruments give create an expectation that just wasn't met. Let me explain. First, largely due to the percussion and the opening instrument (don't know what it's called, sorry), there was this actiony, epic feel, if you know what I mean. Throughout the song however, there is a sort of tension that builds. You start out with your epic opening instrument that gives a feel like something is going to happen, then add in the percussion, raising the tension. Then the melody starts, then the melody instrument gets more epic and some ominous synths are added in the background, furthering the tension. Various other things contribute, like the synths rising in scale. It all feels like it's building up to something. But nothing happens. The tension rises and rises, but the intensity of the piece doesn't. It suddenly breaks to piano which, while very awesome, didn't relieve the tension. You transitioned nicely back to the tension building synths, but that's not necessarily a good thing. And yes, I know this is the road to Bowser and there's supposed to be tension, and that Bowser is what the song is building up to, but that doesn't change the fact that when I listen to this song, I feel like the song is leading somewhere, and it goes nowhere. The original didn't have this problem. While exciting and awesome sounding, and making you look forward to Bowser, the original doesn't give the feeling like the song is going to get really intense and then it doesn't. With your remix the actiony epic feel of the instruments, combined with the feeling of tension building, leaves me expecting the actiony epic feel to suddenly intensify. Now you don't have to make a really intense song, I'm just saying that the way the song was set up created an expectation of that, and not meeting it, well, obviously the listener walks away feeling like the song didn't meet expectations. I feel like there were ways you could have fit in a more intense part. Right after the bridge seems like it would work, but after the bridge you have more tension building, and it feels like you could have released the building tension there by breaking out into a more intense portion. Obviously, this would require you to find a way to get back to level of intensity at the beginning so it can loop smoothly, but I think that sounds doable. Release the tension and work your way down to where you were before, allowing the tension to build up again as the song plays again, and so on.

That's the big thing I have about the song, explained in a terrible long-winded way due to my lack of knowledge in music theory and terminology and general failing at finding the right words. Sorry that was so long! One other thing though. The disclaimer mentions characters and sound effects. Yet I didn't really hear any. However, at about 1:04, I thought I heard Mario say something, like he was taking a hit, or maybe it was Yahoo? I don't know, it was so quiet maybe I was imagining things, but I hear it every time. Was there supposed to be other sound effects? If so, they're too quiet. I tried turning up the sound but heard nothing. Anyway, awesome job, hope you find my review useful!

P.S. It's my birthday today, and finding a new song from you made my day, so you get an extra star. 9/10 Power Stars to you.

VGSongbird responds:

Thank you for this well thought out review; I will now divulge the secret of why it builds up to nowhere ^_^ I was originally intending to make this song almost two minutes longer, by adding the theme for fighting Bowser in at the end. However, it never transitioned well in my opinion, and I scratched the second half. Also, I wanted to make this a loop for use in flash games, and I felt if I released the tension, it would not loop well back to the beginning.

But I appreciate the sheer thought you put into this review! And don't worry, I don't know squat about theory either ;) But I am glad that after this song didn't quite meet your standards, you decided to give me a very good score. Thank you for supporting me; I feel like after looking over several submissions, you seem to always listen and truly give me incredible feedback that both satisfies my needs for support and criticism.

And Happy Birthday as well ^_^


Really loving your recent remixes, partially because they loop!
What I like about the original is the calm, looming feeling. I feel that you've managed to hold onto that, and add so much more. You've also done the thing I appreciate the most in remixes: Original parts that flow perfectly with the original.
If I had to complain about something, I'd say right after 00:20, the introduction of the second instrument in the melody could be a bit smoother.

Looking forward to Dragon Roost!


That was a tremendous remix. I love how it moved beautifully from the piano section to a more hip beat from 1:27-2:05. An exceptional song.

VGSongbird responds:

Thank you ^_^
I like to do that kind of fluid movement because that's how it plays out in my head.


You get a cookie!

-Aaroca- ^_^

VGSongbird responds:

Thanks for listening.