Reviews for "~SM64 - Road to Bowser~"


I love the cool dark-ish original touch you gave this classic, its a great techno remix and it LOOPS perfectly! Most of the loops I've listened here have a slight delay or loop too soon. But not this one.

The introduction of the track was what really caught my attention, when I first saw this tune at nearly the top of the videogame list I was like "wtf another shitty nintendo remix? NO!!!" But then I started listening and holy shit I was damn wrong, this is a really well done remix. Im particularly digging the acidtech and D&B influences on this. I can tell you spent a pretty long time making it.

Technically speaking the track is flawless except perhaps for the high acid synth at 2:18 its just too loud imo, but that would be just a mild personal critic.
Everything else is just great!

Downloading it right now.

And btw you my lady, just had the honor of being the first audio artist I review on this site. Congratulations < =


VGSongbird responds:

I feel honored ^_^
I hope as you continue to look over the site, you enjoy the other artists--and maybe some of my other remixes--just as much.

nicely done

i really enjoyed this. makes me remember chugging through bowser's level and the triumph of his defeat. i really enjoyed the piano solo part. i think your bridge works well so don't burn it... lol. sorry couldn't help myself.

VGSongbird responds:

Lol nice pun ^_^
And thanks for listening and reviewing.


Really like how this is a hyper remake of the final level in Super Mario 64. That and it is the same one from every Bowser level, there was what, only 3 of them? This is a pretty sick remix and I do like it a lot so great work on this one. ^_^

The bass line is subtle and very calm. Like the hyper drums you use here as it spices things up by a lot and makes things sound a lot more interesting to me. The piano in the back with an echo effect detailing the original piece is very nicely worked and touchingly beautiful as well.

Overall, a very sweet and hyper remix!!

VGSongbird responds:

Thank you :D
I appreciate you supporting me.

extremely well done

Up until 1:26 the song reminds me of a hardcore Battle of good and evil with guns a blazing and crap then moves to an underwater scene in the middle of the battle, where sounds are muffled for a while then the Hero comes back with a flash and a bang and a massive spraying of blood to truly finish off the battle with the player going "OOOOHHH! AWESOME!!"

Long story short, its a very good song that I'll enjoy until your dragon roost island remix comes out and I freak out at it until my ears fall out.

As for other news, i'm glad you have partly come out of your creative slump and still look beautiful

Take Care

VGSongbird responds:

lol Thank you. And I promise to do my best to rock your ears off on "Dragon Roost"


This is amazing . However it needs better mastering. And I felt that the saw instrument at 2:00 is out of place.

VGSongbird responds:

The instrument, or the melody? I would really like to know, because that was the original bridge I put in.

Thanks for supporting me!