Reviews for "~SM64 - Road to Bowser~"


what programs do you use for works like this?

VGSongbird responds:

Right now I'm using MixCraft ^_^

Just thought I'd tell you

I had previously not had any kind of bias when it came to Newgrounds Music. If it sounds good I will download it. But one day I realized that your music is what I listen to most. The day I realized all the epic vocals were you, was a good day indeed. Please continue to make music, it is definitely a strong talent and skill that you have developed, so please, don't stop! :)

VGSongbird responds:

The day I stop is the day I die.

Thanks for listening.

I'm wow'd!

The fact that you are consistently creating amazing remixes of my favourite songs of all time is just wow. You leave me speechless, there are no words to describe how utterly amazing you are! Continue to make me speechless ;) <3

VGSongbird responds:

I will certainly try ;)

Loving this!

I keep listening and dling your music...Keep this up I would hire ya to dj...if I had the money that is lol

VGSongbird responds:

Lol Thanks! That made me smile ^_^


Like always, a great mix and a fine salute to the music few people outside of our generation will listen to. I enjoyed the counterbeats that the percussion set up, and the techno hits add a great flare to fiery tune. I especially enjoyed the piano section halfway through the tune. It takes away from the fast-paced beats of the music, and lets you enjoy the piece for what it truly is.

VGSongbird responds:

I really enjoyed arranging the piano track. It just felt natural coming out :D
And I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed it too ^_^