Reviews for "Bathtime"

EEEK! Help rubber ducky!!!

It's a good simple game that gets crazy hard after a short while. Good Job

It's cool.

The tap power up is on a different layer and went behind the window. I'm not sure if the other power ups did as well.
And you should make your dynamic text un-selectable so that the text cursor doesn't appear on the soap.


grainsalt responds:

Yeah, I am working on that one. Someone noticed it just before it got encrypted to upload. I should have it fixed on my next upload. Cheers for noticing, I thought I got away with it ... doh!

Nice game

Not bad,nice 5 minutes break games...But some music would be better,I think!

Nice and simple.

Very fun, although after awhile it gets sorta boring.

Maybe adding music and some sort of 'boss' element would have made it better. :)

Kind of fun

A nice simple flash game that I can play when I'm stressed out, because popping bubbles always relieves stress. The difficulty seemed a bit on the easy side, but perhaps I was just good at it. A little music could definitely make it better, but I guess that's not necessary.