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Reviews for "Money (Thats what i want)"


Now just what I need

great song!


Hey Ale19

sorry to burst your bubble but this song isn't be the beatles

Pretty good,Edd

I like how you chose a beatle song but the voices were anoying but i did like the story.All in all it was good.

Well done, Eddie.

You don't mind if i call you Eddie, do you?

Anyway, I did enjoy the TinyToons version, but this one is different. I liked how you did it in that cut-out style. It kind of remided me of South Park, which is actually a really good show. Was that style intentional or an accident? The lip-synching was right there on the mark. the Background vocals were good as well, but Edd was simply the best. The sound quality was good too. Some people had a problem with it, but i didn't.

Of course, i did have one problem. Who was the hobo holding up the sign when you did that running down the hall and through the door thing? I couldn't see cause it was too fast and way his face looked i couldn't describe him.

Despite that issue, I give you a 10/10 and a 5/5 because it put a smile on my pretty little face.

This review will self-distruct in five seconds...boom.