Reviews for "The Orange Flash Box"


that really wasn't funny at all

Shallow humor

The animation was good, the scenery was good, but for some reason I couldn't find the jokes humorous. There was no buildup, and not much of a payoff to watching this end to end. The portal scene could have had a more accurate sound byte made for the GlaDOS turret, that vocal distortion is easy to make with the right program. And also a better ending.

The spy gag was great though.

Arkuni responds:

It's pretty hard to use a program you don't know exists.

A great help would be, if you instead of just telling me that I just need to use "the right program", then tell me the name of that program?

what the?


Arkuni responds:

Don't do this... you make all people from Texas look like complete morons.


Not really funny or well done

What Newgrounds used to consider "Daily Feature"

AND "Review Crew Pick" has been lowered..
The animation was good, 8/10 for that, but the voice overs and the humor in general were horribly lacking. Come back when you can make something as funny as Bambee. BIRDD

Arkuni responds:

I'm sorry that I didn't resorted to the lowest common denominator and just made everything retarded.
But I guess we all laugh at what we can relate to.