Reviews for "The Orange Flash Box"


it was Totally,Utterly , Insanely Funny!


I loved the whole preloader business... looked just like any traditional VALVe game loading screen. Also the portal short was cool, i remember pissing off the turrets just like that except no missile. Thank you.


yay you just made my day a lot better. great job on everything.(what suprised me was how you didnt say anything involving the still alive song)


that was so fucking funny!!! fav!


i lolled even if ive only played half life once! I was really annoyed at those scanners (i call them "papparazzi bots") so i loved how he spied on them in the shower! XD

Arkuni responds:

Hated them? :O

I loved them, they help you to understand exactly how dark the future is.
You pretty much can't even take a shower before they starting "papparazzing" you.

Which problably leads to a CP storming into your shower and beats hell out you, followed by having random sex with your dead body while watching Oprah in a room your dog wouldn't even fit in.

My point being: I loved them.