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Reviews for "Funky NG Disco"

Very good

i liked that very nice intro thingy lol made me chuckle... well good werk dman it i hate all those ppl who fucking vote like that calondor guy before who hasnt even made a movie once that ass head... n e ways good werk

As much as I hate to say it....

...the more good Clock Crew movies I see, the less I want to see them thrown out of NG.


I knew something was up! You guy's sucked out Tom's brain and replaced it with one of those damn clocks! FULPCLOCK?!? ARRRGGH!!! This entry was funny, and oddly cheerful. The animation kept in rhythm with the music and was well done. Good job!

Ha ha ha ha ha

The music went along with the animation nicely. I think it could have been just a tad longer. The sing-a-long on the bottom was a nice touch. However, all of the references to "Heaven" and "Angel" made me think about PineappleClock. I miss him.

P.S.~~>When is the next installment of Scandal coming out??? That series is the BOMB!


brought back flashbacks, when i wqas tripping billies. lol good movie cant wait to see the rest!!