Reviews for "Survivor - (Fire)"

I loved it!

Took me a bit too beat it, but finally success!

Wonderful music!! I'd like to see more games like this.

old school

loved the old school style of gaming it had. It was definitely disappointing to only see it have one level, but it was great none the less. Loved the fact that it also served as an educational lesson dealing with fires. I will definitely look forward to more work from you!

It was Nice :)

It was very fun & challenging! I had a hard time getting out though! Hope there's a sequel!

Fun Old-School Style Game

Fun game with the quirky sfx and music that we love (or hate) from the 80s games.
Here's what you do to win:
1. Get granma.
2. Get the mobile phone in the living room (1st floor).
3. Get gran to 2nd floor and get the towel and health in the bathroom. Make sure you crawl to avoid slipping. Remember to dampen the towel in the bath.
4. Wake up dad in the left room.
5. Get everyone to the third floor.
6. Wake up your sister and grab the inhaler, use the inhaler on her in the hallway.
7. Wake mom with the phone.
8. Get everyone into the top-right room. Close the door and put the towel under the door. Open the window and call for help. You win.

Great game!

I am a firefighter. and this game is a great way to get people to think about fire safety more. So i want to personally that you for making/ adding this game. it was alot of fun to play. and i think you just made my job a little easier. So on behalf of the brotherhood of firefighters thank you.


FireFighter/Paramedic Bellomy.