Reviews for "Survivor - (Fire)"


You should do some more levels. It's pretty cool. Tedious at first, but then it begins to get pretty easy. Overall, I think it was a great experience.

Don't read on if you don't want to know how to beat it!
Go downstairs, and grab grandma. Get out of the kitchen, closing the door behind you, then kick the skateboard out of the way. Go into the living room, and grab the cell phone off of the couch, then go upstairs after closing the door behind you. Go into the bathroom, walking slowly past the bathtub, and grab both the first-aid and the towel. When you exit, use the towel with the bathtub, and close the door behind you. Use the cellphone, and go upstairs, dropping grandma in the rightmost room of the third floor. Go back to the second floor, and pick up the kid there along with the key. Close the door behind you as you go back upstairs to drop the kid off in the same room as the grandma. Now, rush into the girl's room, and pick up the inhaler. Wake the girl, and have her follow you into the same room (being sure that you close both the girl's and the rightmost room's doors.) Crawl to the door, and use the damp towel. Stand up, and walk to the window, and shout out it. The firemen come, and your family is safe :)


It's unbeatable man.

Matmi responds:

Its not. It easy, just requires some brain work.


A bit nerve racking. I felt really nervouse playing it.... it was fun, but not for me! sorry :/

i liked it

it was a good learnin game i got all my family free except ma granma (typical) its very clever you need to make the towle wet, put it at the bottom of your mums from and shout for help out the window

Matmi responds:

Don't let your granny die. Who will make your cakes?

How do u complete it?

I tried everything but
a) even when i was standing with my head in the smoke, although everybody else died and my health was reduced to zero,i suddenly became immortal and didnt die
b)I couldnt get out of the house - how do u?

Matmi responds: