Reviews for "Survivor - (Fire)"

check your code it doesn't work

didn't load for me

got to the program survivor and then went back to loading screen

Matmi responds:

Sorry we had a bug. An eternal loop. Fixed now.


does it even work???

Matmi responds:

Get we had a bug in the game. It will now work. Try it. like it, we hope ;)


It looks very unique (excluding the Mario remakes) for a game and reminds me of the classic arcade games.

the only thing I'd reccomend is change the preloader. Its ineffective and you cant see how much its loaded..


Were you really pissed as a child that you still had your Spectrum when the other kids had Amigas and Snes's?

I salute you in wasting my time. For in wasting my time you become stronger.

Matmi responds:

Actually I started with a computer made of wood, then my addiction took me to BBC micro, a few spectrums, commodores, Acorns, Amigas, Archimedes, Atari ST's and then onto PC's and Mac's.

I used to write software for the Amiga before you were out of nappys. Showing my age eh!

Cheers for your review anyway. Did you actually play the game?