Reviews for "Survivor - (Fire)"

Buuuuurn baby burn!

Very nice,and informative. i'll remember the damp towel thing.
Maybe it needs more levels though?
And to "afoxtrotn00b",you are wrong,the skateboard can be avoided,stand very close to it and press z to kick it away.

Awesome Game!

This was an AWESOME game. It took (I counted this) 6 tries to get everyone out. I had almost no life left on my character. Anyways a few tips for people trying (although it isn't really hard).

* Remember to place a damp towel next to the door AFTER CLOSING IT.

*Get grandma and the dad (I think?) before doing anything else. You don't have to do it but makes it easier. At least for me.

*You can't jump over the skateboard. Don't try.

*The most important thing to remember is this. When you first rescue grandma, CLOSE THE FREAKIN' DOOR BEHIND YOU.

Great game. 5/5

(I wish I hadn't lost my older (more experienced account), because then my vote would be worth more for you.

Matmi responds:


We are getting really good reviews, makes it all worth it, Maybe we can now win an award on Newgrounds.



3 or 4 tries. It war fun

A bit easy on the intellect, though. I'd love to have seen more rooms and a slightly higher scale difficulty. But hey, a fun game, a Sierra-esque sense of humor, and a PSA all in one. A+. Speaking of Sierra-esque, I think that this coulda been made a bit funnier, and more challenging through the use of some bizarre items, a la Maniac Mansion. Thanks for bringing it back to the days before Commodore 64, though.

What a rush!

Nothing like a timed, horror survival game to get the blood flowing. It took me a couple tries before you could anybody to escape, but I finally got all the members out in time. I love the retro feel to the game. What would have really put the icing on the cake is multiple escape routes, but yeah, the front door would have been too easy. On that note, in reality, why is the front door lock from the outside? That was the only thing that really bugged me about this game, but not enough to merit a score of 9. In other words, I loved the game, and will patiently wait for your next game.

Matmi responds:

Thanks for the good review.

You don't have to wait for our next game, there are plenty more from us on this site. Some really good games, some that are OK games and others that are a bit crap (but we were young!)