Reviews for "Survivor - (Fire)"

is it bad...

to let grans die for starting the fire in the first place....cause every time i just let here tur into a pile of ashes///

Matmi responds:

She is a bot crazy and old though - and she makes a great pixel pie.

If only all educational games were like this

See, if informative games were fun and relevant like this one, kids wouldn't be embarrassed to play them--and learn a thing or two. I'm 26 and had great fun playing it, taking a few tries to finally solve it. I'll probably give it a few more tries now to beat my time.

Good stuff.

Matmi responds:

Seems we have the balance right. It is educational but fun.


Great game it was excellent i couldn't stop trying again... but i got into the girls room and put the towel there... whats the key for? i couldn't do anything afterwards...

anyway great game well done


man that is hard but still fun, I can't even get passed the first lvl, the stupid people keep dying.


SWEET GAME!! It does have that awesome 80's appeal. But if you really need to beat a level, just right click and click forward.