Reviews for "Survivor - (Fire)"

Great game!

I am a firefighter. and this game is a great way to get people to think about fire safety more. So i want to personally that you for making/ adding this game. it was alot of fun to play. and i think you just made my job a little easier. So on behalf of the brotherhood of firefighters thank you.


FireFighter/Paramedic Bellomy.


Sagamaga, the bathtub, dummy? :P
P.S. Great game, took me a few tries to beat it. :P


I found the towel but where is the water to dampen it????


hard but are you going to make more survival missions such as getting a ambulance to get somebody to hospital or burglary?

Matmi responds:

After the response we are getting, looks like we might bring out more of these types of games in the future.

Thanks for your review

Nice <:O!

Sweet piece of work cooked up here <3
Pretty Challenging.....Make More Games In Which You Have To Save People

Matmi responds:

we will.