Reviews for "Lolcat History (Part 2/6)"

I don't get it.

WTF is this crap? Do any of you who gave 9's or 10's really think this is funny or creative? I didn't even smirk once, and yes, I'm aware of the lolcat meme.


sorry mate, don't want to sound too critical but I've watched the first three now and its just kind of dull to me. Visuals are kind of lacking and the sound is pretty much monotone throughout the entire thing. Also the humor just seemed kind of lacking. I did chuckle at the ceiling cat joke though.
You've shown alot of effort in creating and writing this, guess its just not my style. Grats on front page and don't worry about taking criticism too seriously. You made front page you must be doing something right.

jiggitysmith responds:

It's cool. The Lolcats aren't for everyone (I'd be a fool to think otherwise).

If I wanted to cater to the Newgrounds audience, I'd have to somehow combine Madness, Halo 2, Mario, Dragonball Z, Sonic, Darth Vader, Portal, Team Fortress, Mortal Kombat, River City Ransom, draw 100% of it in Anime, and then hire the script writers from every Vince Vaughn movie to write my script....phew...in order to make everyone happy.


Don't be such a loner and get more people to do voices.

wow, that wasn't too great

I got bored almost instantly, I'm sorry. didn't make me laugh, and the voices were not good at all. Animation wasn't too great, mostly tweens that didn't look to great. All the visuals were just pre done images, so that didn't show off too much. I just didn't really like it.

jiggitysmith responds:

Lol you do realize that I spent wayyy longer on chopping up those photos than I would have spent drawing them.

But anyway, as is evident of the seemingly-endless list of mixed reviews: The Lolcats aren't for everyone.


.... Im sorry but this whole stupid for the sake of being funning thing is getting old.... I waited for this to get funny and it never did...... 1/5