Reviews for "Lolcat History (Part 2/6)"


Im loving this...the humour is good, and lol at headcat!!

It's getting there

This one was a lot better then the first one. Especially liking the incorporation of my favorite internet funny (NOOO! THEY BE STEALIN MA BUCKET!)

I declare...


I must say, better than part 1

Very funny, I look forward to parts 3-6. Keep up the good work!

"Your just a head!"
"I know. I'm head cat, douchebag" Funny stuff thar

More lawlcats!

It's nice to see the story continue on so soon! The show is getting better, so hopefully what you say about parts 3-6 will happen.
Also, I don't care where the lolcats came from, I would just like more!

I <3 Cat Action

Nasty Cats Good Sir