Reviews for "Lolcat History (Part 2/6)"

Another good one

Even with my limited knowledge of lolcats, I am enjoying the storyline very much. I hope to see more parts soon.

still some good stuff

i'll write what i wrote in my last review (of part 1)
i liked it.. but.. those who dont know what lolcats are might be a bit confused... so.. why not add links to icanhascheezburger.com and lolcats.com or something like that.. so they'd have a chance to get to know what it's all about.. since it would be kinda hard to figure out why there's so many different cats etc. in this flash series.. but yeah.. keep up the good work!

Another good chapter in the series.

I had a few more laughs during this one than I did for the first part. I don't know why but that scene where he walks through the forest singing made me laugh for some reason.

My one personal dislike of this part was the HeadKat scene. He seemed too much like a Meatwad knockoff and his appearance just went on longer than it should've. But Happycat and the Hamburglar hat made up for that. The epic saga continues...!

jiggitysmith responds:

Well whenever I had my friends do voice overs, I basically just told them 'Do a voice. Any voice you want.' I wasn't super happy with the fact Headcat sounds like Meatwad, but I figured no harm done since he doesn't have a big part.

Lurve it.

Very nice, though, not quite as funny as the first part in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

I lol'd

Great series, looks like its gonna live up to a remembrance from a certain certain website.
I wouldn't be surprised if it got its own part in the Cats section or a full blown Collection on its own.

jiggitysmith responds:

Lol I'd be really happy if it got its own collection. I mean, there *are* 6 parts to it and they continually get better (if part 2 has been any indication at all). Thanks btw :)