Reviews for "Lolcat History (Part 2/6)"


some people obvoiusly dont realize how good of a series this is and how much time it took
i liike this series soo far.. cause its unique.. its not all about the laughs and i dont think it was suppose to be funny at some parts...
but i like the animation and voices..

I don't get it.

WTF is this crap? Do any of you who gave 9's or 10's really think this is funny or creative? I didn't even smirk once, and yes, I'm aware of the lolcat meme.

i like this series so far

can't wait to watch the rest of it!


great movie but, where can 1 find parts 3-6?

jiggitysmith responds:

I'm releasing them over the course of the next couple weeks.

(Part 3 on Friday and 4 on Saturday, then the week after that:
part 5 on Friday again and 6 on Saturday) at around 8:30 PM (Est).

That was as good as sex!

I think my review title pretty much sums up how i feel bout these movies, im very happy this one came out so fast, did you make them all before submitting the first one? Well good job i look forward to watching the other 4.

jiggitysmith responds:

Yup, they are all 100% done. I'm releasing them over the course of the next couple weeks because I'm producing a DVD of parts 1-6 because they were never intended to be split up (but had to be due to sync issues in Flash).

Also, I plan on having a good number of extras on this DVD (that I'm currently animating) so you have more to watch after part 6 is released.

Btw yes, due to all the material I used for this project that I don't personally own, I'm going to make the DVD completely free for download.