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Reviews for "OrgLIX Stickers"


heaps cool

Tetsubo responds:



That is soooo funny. The idea was dumb, and I got bored somewhere in the middle of the movie, BUT HELL! It was hilarious. I'm gonna go check out more of your stuff!

Tetsubo responds:

Thanks I guess, you might want to check out the main site and some of the episode sets future plots and running gags into motion and might make more sense if you listen to other episodes/audio soundtracks.
I don't have a lot of Flash movies that weren't done in university currently and therefore not much up on Newgrounds but feel free to check out my early Flash and hand drawn work at my YouTube account (http://youtube.com/user/Tetsubo6)

Love It

OMG! I absolutely loved this animation.
I knew that Axel and Roxas were gay. "Axel, you're on fire!" "Ah, dammit, not again." LOL.

Also, the whole meeting was funny.

Tetsubo responds:

Thanks very much, this was as introductory an episode/soundtrack as we had to animate to, future episodes I select to animate will focus more on a smaller variety of characters.

That was a fantastic episode!

It was funny how Xemnas would be giving out attendence stickers and candy depending on his followers' behavior(those who were at the meeting). It seemed that Demyx was the most behaved member when he got a gold star sticker and a bag of Skittles. I know he would kill anyone for touch his hair, but when someone else wanted his Skittles? I knew that Larxene got a "Bad Apple" sticker for doing something bad, but I did not understand what it was. Can you tell what she did for the sticker? I appreciate it if you could.
Xigbar got a "Better luck next time" sticker for accidently firing his gun while cleaning it at the meeting. It almost took the Superior's head off-LOL. I think that Luxord was offended when Xemnas was offering him lemon candy; do they assume that he likes to suck on lemon candy? After this episode, I figured out who were the gay nobodies: Xemnas,Axel,Roxas, and DIZ ( I cannot say Saix or Marluxia for sure). Come to think of it, the only characters I think they are straight are Repliku and Namine. Overall, this is an awesome flash and I cannot wait to see the other dramas that I have only heard on OrgLIX.org.

Tetsubo responds:

Sorry about the lateness, I haven't checked Newgrounds in a while nor get notified of reviews. In an attempt to answer some of your questions, Larxene got the Bad Apple sticker due to what Xemnas said (she was rude by threatening to make salsa dip in Xigbar's eye hole).
The Xigbar shots were drawn in by myself as a visual joke, one of many that wasn't a part of the original soundtrack which was originally intended to be audio only.
I voice Luxord and I'm still not sure about the lemon thing, I have theories but its down to the creator and primary writer to consider revealing the reasoning.
I assume you have yet to listen to all the content on the website unless some pairings went over your head, Xemnas and Saix are heavily implied to have a thing, there's a subtle Lexeaus and Zexion pairing, Marluxia surprisingly swings both ways as does Larxene, Demyx is implied to have had history with Axel, Axel and Roxas are anything but subtle and DiZ is very very disturbed and capable of anything.
Everyone else is assumed to be straight until proven gay.

I'm afraid you might have made a false assumption, I'm afraid I never agreed to animate every drama produced, its a lot of work and an impossible task with new audios released each month, that and I'm working on my third and final OrgLIX animation for the time being (though that doesn't mean future works won't be associated with the group and our other projects), thanks for your review, detailed comments and discussions and I hope you'll continue to support and be entertained by the fifty plus audio episodes on the website as well as Crisis Perverted.


your animations are awesome. ^^ keep up the good work! and I was wondering, what program do you animate with? I'm looking for a new program and I was wondering if you had any recommendations.