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Reviews for "Lolcat History (Part 1/6)"


so awsome!!! I love that you used monorail cat as transportation :D
Can't WAIT for the sequels

so cute...

LOL at Monorail kitty! It took me a second to realize that he hadn't entered the monorail kitty through the back door lol! This is very adorable and I love the voices and the captions!

it sucks...

but i like cat....so i'll give you a 5


haha i can has cheesburger? and the cats are just freaky and cool i wonder what the rest of this will be like, what in hell it is and where its going. good work on the animating too its cool how youve incorporated real cat heads and paws. very oiriginal idea on the cat train too i laughed at that. good stuff


yes im a cat lover, but i also dont like crap, and this was not crap! i loved it! cant wait to see more..love the concept, very original, and fuuuuuny!

jiggitysmith responds:

Thanks :D Please be aware there is plenty more after the first segment.