Reviews for "Lolcat History (Part 1/6)"


Ha ha that was the funniest cat-realated submission evur lol! cant wait to see all the other 5 coming up lol! excelent work

Soooo funny!

Lets start from the beginning:
The titles, it seemed like a miniature parody of roots, then of law and order, am I way off?
Anyway, I loved the whole thing! Its SURE to be a cult classic on newgrounds. I, personally love Lolcats, I go on the sites nearly every day, and one who also knows these cats and their titles would laugh like I did. I look forward to the next installments! I also look forward to seeing more lolcats, maybe even that walrus with the bucket. (By the way, I loved the way you used monorail cat)

Anyway, I liked how you built the charecters, I liked how smoothly they ran, and I thought that the set mouths would annoy me, but I realized that it'd be better than doing some cartoon mouth.
All in all, one of the best animations I've seen recently, and possibly the best light inside joke animation out there. Nice work, this deserves a 5/5, and a 10/10

jiggitysmith responds:

Thanks :D Don't get too far ahead of me here. The walrus and lot more of the popular lolcats show up in the next 5 segments. Expect part 2 at about 8:30pm Eastern Std. time today. Part 3 will be out this coming Friday at the same time.


I love it, but you could've made it a bit longer though. I would recomend shortening the series and making the individual videos longer. Quality > Quantity.

Also, I f**kin hate happycat.




In another episode I heard "I'm Head Cat douchebag" LOLOLOLOL