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Reviews for "Lolcat History (Part 1/6)"


well this just isn't that great of a flash. it is ok, but the main concept of it was stolen from G4's hisotry of Lolcats, which was much better might i add.

jiggitysmith responds:

Believe it or not, but I started this project (last summer) before that came out. Or, if it was out before that, I wasn't aware of it until I was already in the middle of the first segment of my animation. (believe me, I was pissed but still really amused when I saw that). And what I did is completely different (they made it a history channel spoof, I made them exist in their own universe).


Comedy is all about timing. And this has the timing of a grandfather clock at the bottom of a lake. Every scene needed to be tightened, A LOT.

It got very boring and hardly kept my attention, let alone make me laugh.


meh it was ok but its not rly my type of vid

jiggitysmith responds:

If you want an idea where I'm going with this in terms of entertainment value, I'd recommend viewing the preview to part 3 that I have posted.

Not worth the load time.

First off I'd like to state that I hate segmented movies. You could have made part 1 so much shorter and then AT LEAST added 2 and 3 into it. Part 1 of 6? Dialague is slow and to the pointless. There was very little humor, jerky and poor animation. Nothing in it made me interested in watching the other 5. How it made the front page is pure madness.

jiggitysmith responds:

The animation as a whole (parts 1-6) total about 33,500 frames and is about 23 minutes long. This animation was and is intended to be viewed as one whole unsegmented work (which is why there's a DVD of it where you can watch it as one full animation).

Due to sync issues in flash (after you pass the 4 to 5000 frame mark in a single flash file), the project will automatically start to go out of sync and there's nothing that can be done about it. That's why I split it into 6 parts.

Btw, sorry to steal your precious bandwidth. Maybe next time I'll make for you a stick figure animation entitled: "Sonic vs. Mario vs. Megaman vs. Chuck Norris: TEH FINAL BATTLE!" and all your 5 will belong to me.

if you want to write a history.

learn where it actually started. lolcats did not start on the lame icanhazcheeseburger website. it started from a place much darker. a place know as the asshole of the internet. a place where anyone is everyone. and everyone is anyone. all that we once held sacred has been tarnished. this is a prime example.

jiggitysmith responds:

Those websites are simply up for a reference as ICHC is the biggest database of Lolcats on the Internet right now and I figured Wikipedia is about as thorough as one can get on the subject. Would you rather I link to the site where they actually originated from (it's not like it's a big secret anymore).