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Reviews for "Lolcat History (Part 1/6)"

This is relevent to my interests...

I love lolcats and lmaocats!


ZOMG! Hah, monorail cat cracked me up. Classic. I hope that in the other versions we'll see many more of the mystical lolcats! Especially the "excuse me wtf r u doin?' cat, or others just as exciting. Hah, has anyone seen that hilarious Hannibal Lector cat, that says 'Well now Clarice, hav teh lambs stopped screaming?'?

You gav me LOL

Awesome flash. You made me lol when serious cat appeared xD. 10/10


Ughh I F****ing hate HappyCat XD


The graphics and animation style are simplistic and even crude, but still decent, understandable, and visually pleasing. Just the beginning with the eye movements creeped me out a little, but overall very nice. The sound is a very high point. The voice acting is top notch and you even have an echo effect when Orion is visiting the council! I also love the references you made to Lolcats. The story has both a tad of humor as well as being genuinely captivating. Great animation you have here!