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Reviews for "Lolcat History (Part 1/6)"

This is good!

What's good in your flash :
-The perspective of a good story
-Nice theme and a great use of it
-The choice of real or lolcat subtitles (haha!)
-Nice voices

What could be improved :
-More use of music (Your trailer was great, it had music) like during transtition scenes or just very soft background music
-Better backgrounds (I think it would be a great addition to your flash if they looked just a little better)
-Release of other episodes and faster! :P

This will probably be a really good serie. Don't mind the haters. Keep up the work and I can't wait to see if your flash skill improves even more as the episodes advance.

Don't much care for it...yet

Improve the voice acting for your main character, and voice acting overall. Use more enthusiasm and exaggerations because that is the basis of lolcats and stuff. If you planned to be bland, then sure. But just know it's coming off as if you're not into your own story. And remember, eggsajurashunz!

oh my god -_-

I like the animation, and the voices, but the plot and comedy was really boring

Alright ^_^ but could be improved

Ill admit certain references to the lolcats on I CAN HAZ CHEEZE BURGER are good
eg: monorail cat, and happy cat (who doesnt look to happy here :S) ceiling cat coulda been used a tad better rather than that :(
Umm other than that the voices need some work
mabye make some characters sound a tad more sereious?
And look for some of the more memorable cats from I CAN HAZ CHEEZEBURGER
like OMG its a lion cat or mabye the "meer cat immitations"
oh and mabye if your considering having an evil overloard at all in the series you so need to use the famed "I hate everything cat" >:D
other than that you doing fine
this did make the front page of NG ^_^
so good work
Rember :P voices in some cases need to be more serious, and mabye add a few more cats even just in the background of a few scenes EG: I made you a cookie cat selling cookies in the background of the town square thing =]
I look forward to the next one

a word out to other people reveiwing:
Sure not all flash productions meet the expectatons of some veiwers
so said veiwers should suggest something that can help the guy out with the next 5 XD

jiggitysmith responds:

Ceiling Cat actually will make an appearance (a hilarious one at that). That's just how 'God' was translated using the Lolcat translator, btw.

And yet again I keep telling people: the first segment is the worst one out of the series because the whole project was intended to be a learning experience.

The reason Orion isn't serious ever is because he's the most bland character out of all of them and isn't a real Lolcat.

As far as "Hey you didn't include such and such a cat" (wait till you see the whole thing). Also, there are so many different Lolcats that it would be impossible to include all of them. BUT! After this 6-part story is fully released, I might revisit the Lolcat universe that I set up and do unrelated side stories with some of the Lolcats that I missed.

Thanks for the review btw :)

The history of LOLcats...

Terrific. Simply amazing. Again, another flash I thougth was going to be sucky turns out to be not that bad. Maybe I should stop underestimating animal flashes and just watch them anyway.

Okay so, great story. The history of lolcats..really isn't the history of lolcats but it's still funny anyway. Especially with the subtitles on. The animation wasn't horrible but it wasn't that good either. Everything looked a choppy and rushed. Of course then again jiggitysmith WAS rushed since he was meeting his deadline pretty fast.

I think the only time this was funny was when he cussed. Dunno why, but it was.
The way you made the cat faces look like they were actually IN their clothes was good. I was expecting less, but you showed me that there is hope in animal flash.

All in all, a great series and I'm looking forward to watching and reviewing the rest.