Reviews for "Grid16"


Truely a fantastic game. Very quick, very challenging. Great for fast people. =D I got up to x4.0 speed and roughly 80% on all skill sets! Once again, awesome game!

awesome game!

As I said, awesome game.My score was x4.0 on my first try.This game keeps you on your toes.

heres my score

total combo: 14
total time: 148
best multi: 2.8
carabous: 2998

61% prioritizing
69% reflexes
46% timing

Dude LOL

man, games like these confuse me D: but theyre so amusing lmao im not posting my score cause it sucks but hey lol not everyone can make a high score on their first try lol

The only problem I have with this game is when you're left with your last grid, the game keeps cutting out as if it's going to a different grid. Other than that this game is lots of fun!