Reviews for "Grid16"


Holy shit dude,alot of fun.
Music was great,games were fun.
Only one I was left with was the green balls,got speed 2.6.
Great game 10///10.

Damn, This game is awesome n tough

Holycrap. I can't believe it... something... wow... faster faster, damn. Well insanely great game there! I can work on my reflexes and stuff now! Thank you! so... This game is awesome. No comment. It's just.. plain awesome... faster :DD I also kinda annoyed me that when i was on my last game bam out in bam out in. That annoyed me. I also kinda hate the triangle one. But a game usually must have a hard thing in them. Well 10/10 5/5. :DDDD

Dude like that 4 second thing

Just like 4 second frenzy! But Waaay more challenging! Totally awesome man! This game is 5 rating 10/10 totally edserve that 1st place daily feature! Whoever plays this is in for a right gd game!

Crazy Fun!

I loved that!
So insane how the speed kept increasing and you'd be all into one game then suddenly BAM you're somewhere else then a couple games later you're back where you started, you don't even know what's going on lol
This was seriously a lot of fun.
Great job!

great for laughs,

this is great for comparing your reflexes with classmates and friends but there is sometimes a problem in which you get a couple of minigames which dont appear untill about x2.0 speed so by the time you can press a key and figure out what you are meant to do, you have been hit/fallen or missed what ever it was you needed to do