Reviews for "Grid16"

Awesome!! :)

That was awesome... And I like the intro... As the cover of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy says, "Don't Panic." Keep up the great work!! :)

---Peace Out and MCL,
---Ghetto Joe

Great game

I thought this was really different from the normal stuff out there. This reminded me a lot of maybe like a DS or GBA game. It was fast-paced, fun, and challenging later on. The highest I got was 5.4 and 86%-86%-88% on my first try. I think it was a good game. 10 and 5 for you, and I hope to see more work from you.


VERY creative. VERY challenging. I am very impressed with this game, and the very idea of it.

Really addicting!

Okay, at first I sucked at the games, but as it got quicker, I realized what to do in which game. I really like how you each time you play, the game chooses at random which mini game you're going to do next. I'm proud to say I got a little past Speed Level 3.0!

I think this definitely deserves to go into a collection. :)

New,nice and Funny

This game is very cool, in the first two rounds i dont get what happend and i just died all the time*g* But after u get the point of the game, its realy realy cool. 10/10 nothing to add :)