Reviews for "Grid16"

Too Laggy

even on the low quality, this games almost too laggy to play. you might want to fix that otherwise its a good game i guess?

jmtb02 responds:

Oh dear, sorry to hear! Sounds like you need to play on a faster computer. -J


I can kinda understand the bazillion games in one, those games are kinda fun with the variety and all, but the fact that in this the games continue where you left off is just retarded. If you're left in a tight spot, there's no way you can memorize the direction you're supposed to press when the game happens to pop up.

Also, the difficulty differs too much in each game. The one where you're supposed to shoot the green lines is so ridiculously easy compared to the other games it's no doubt the last one left.

The game is just BAD.

just as I thought: bad

I appricate more if there is just one game but that is good, isread of 16 or more very simple and not enjoyable minigames, especially that I can't play them more than a few seconds. I never liked this "lots of minigames" style anyway.


i left this loading for one night and its 97%


Warioware + Card Game = Grid16