Reviews for "Grid16"


I don't really like the speed factor, and here's what annoyed me to bits:
Instead of describing the game in a prompt, you're supposed to either know the game already or read the instructions on the top, WHILE you're playing. Please, revise that.


I haven't seen a game lag this much in a long time.

not bad

fun for a whie unti it starts getting reay annoying

Well, I didn't like it one bit

It was trying to be like WarioWare, but it didn't hold my interest for very long, you could even say I "Hate" this game.
Well, it's fast... A little too fast, I had no idea what I was doing which led me to see the 2-bitness of the game, I just thought it was a bad take on a great genre, no offense. These games really make a gamer wince.. My best score was Speed 3.1 by the way, on 1 try, I could get something better but I really can't force myself to play it again. On the chart it said I leaned more toward priorty and less on Reflexes, which is because I had no idea what to do, maybe if you put what you're supposed to do in a flash screen before the game like WarioWare does, it would be decent

It has some production value so it deserves a 2 rating on the review and a 1 on the vote, if it had no production value, no stars and a 0 vote, but I can tell you're a pretty good game maker besides this game

Whoa. what just happened?

because of the slightly random nature of the starting points on these games, i lost horrible due to awful luck, a majority of these games INSTANTLY killing me (less than 1 second) without any idea what i was supposed to do. FAIL, my friend. FAIL. i give three stars at ALL because this must have taken some really excellent flash mastery. just... give more of an explanation of what to do... you know?