Reviews for "Grid16"


not funn. you can't choose the game type by your self.

Great Concept, poor execution

First of all when I started off in the game I was really impressed. I was even considering a ten (which I have only given 4 times). Then I started losing on the more difficult games, leaving me with the ones that were extremely easy. I did these for about 5 minutes before they started getting challenging again. The way I see it there are two easy solutions. The first and I think better one would be to up the difficulty of the easier games, namely the one with the falling ball and the one with shooting the lines. The other option would be to make it so that the speed increases happened more frequently, or more drastically (Increasing by more than .2 at a time). With these things in mind I had decided to give you an eight. Then on my last game (the just keep falling one) I encountered a massive glitch. The ball just kept falling through the platforms that would otherwise block it. In fact after sitting there staring at it for a couple of minutes, I minimized my window and began to write this review. I got to about my fourth sentence before I noticed the music shift signifying my defeat. This got me 34th on the scoreboard, which I didn't deserve, which made me put this at the low rating it has.


I don't really like the speed factor, and here's what annoyed me to bits:
Instead of describing the game in a prompt, you're supposed to either know the game already or read the instructions on the top, WHILE you're playing. Please, revise that.


I haven't seen a game lag this much in a long time.


Just like with about 2/3's of the games on this website, the idea for the game is great, but the execution is just terrible, none of those 16 games were fun or addictive in the slightest. I found myself actually just waiting for the game to end.