Reviews for "Grid16"

think this is good?

obviously you guys have never played arcadia.

you play 4 games. AT ONCE. it doesnt pause and then swap games, you have to constantly switch between games, and meanwhile everythings STILL HAPPENING in the other 3


not funn. you can't choose the game type by your self.


Nice presentation, but this is just another Warioware clone, and not even one with original minigames. Vastly overrated, literally.


I don't know why i don't like this. It just gets annoying.

I like the Idea

but this what you do out of this is not soooo good.
-nobody know all the minigames between 2sec....
-the switches are to short, let us play the game "a bit" longer...
-a bit buggy too, when the game is switchin to another, mostly the game is going forward while u dont can react...
-u can do a rly short how to play desctription of all games.
-pls do a graphic button:"low,mid and high" would be perf, cause at some switches the game is a bit laggy and thats maybe 1sec^^, thats much at this game...
-another bug: if u have only one game exist it switches to the black background and than back to the game...this like 3-4times than the games goes faster
+the games are funny and some new 4 me
+i like the style of the game
+the idea is really good to combine a fw games

all in all i give u 5/10
and 3/5

regards sko.