Reviews for "Grid16"

Non Original, Ridiculously Easy, Lolarious Bugs

I gave this a 4/5 for the fitting beat and smooth, well thought out transitions between each individual game.

However, that's the problem; each individual game is hardly original. I couldn't help but LOL at your version of the ball-falling game: the reason the original conception and it's predecessors took at least SOME strategy was because although the platforms were moving faster and becoming more narrow, the ball itself remained under a constant controlled speed. I noticed that as the speed of THIS game increased, so did the speed of the ball. Do you see where I'm going? It doesn't matter where I "landed," I'd easily have enough time to get my ball to the hole, as my controls were sped up as well. Hell, I could just switch between holding left and right and make it without trying. By the time I hit x5 speed the platforms were moving too fast for the ball to even register hitting them so it would just continue falling, endlessly. When all other games died, falling continued for me. I sat and watched as I figuratively "won" your endless game. I LOL'D heartily and x'd out.

Good effort, but try harder and actually try coming up with some original games. Even the "LOLOLOL PLAY LOTS OF MINIGAMES REAL FAST" isn't original at this point, but you gave it a decent run.

Fun, but I've seen it before.

It was fun to start with, but it got boring quickly. It is almost completely the same as a game called " Four Second Frenzy". Good but I would'nt play it again.


Good idea but once again its just a game with stupid noises and no mute button, so trying to listen to real music whilst playing is out of the question....


Panic!! OMG!! I didn't make it... Gave up at x2.3

ok idea

but not enough explaination on what to do and maybe be best to have a start button then randomly start in a game while its going and maybe add a point system to look at while playing. games were not the best and kinda go boring after whiel.