Reviews for "Grid16"

This is really good

This is something I would even consider to help a child work on motor skills, albeit an older child, but still this is good.


I could only get 3.6 speed though but still good


Carpal tunnel-inducing fun! This is a really clever idea, well executed.

Nice Concept

It's been done, but the speed increase is a nice and simple twist. Gave me a mental workout

Holy crap, this is brutal.

This game is really hard. REALLY hard. And it's not annoying hard, it's addictive hard.

The concept of this game is very similar to WarioWare, but I like how the "exclusion" system works. The music helps to keep up with the pace as well.

I was panicking a little in the beginning, but I managed to pick up the pace and get a little further in the game. For some reason, the "Shoot the Lines" one is always the last one left for me.

I'd say this deserves a sequel. ;D

10/10, 5/5, fav'd. Keep up the good work!