Reviews for "Grid16"

I bet master chief would play this game!

Reminds me of the four-second-F series,i faved it cause the graphics are sweet and the gameplay addictive.

This game is crazy awesome!

This is a game that keeps your brain/reflexes on its toes. I love the variety of minigames, and you really have to keep thinking fast to get far. This game gets my unofficial 'Unique Game of the Week' award. As well as my 5's and 10's. Kudos!

Very original...

The idea is quite original...you never get bored...Its challenging...The artwork is simple in a good way...The song is good...VERY ENTERTAINING...KEEP IT UP!!!


I love this game so much. I don't have time to play many games, so being able to play 16 at once is brilliant! The innovation is amazing, and each game, although being simple, is enjoyable in its own right. I also though the graphics are calming and move responsively and smoothly.
One point to improve on though, on the falling level (where you control the orange ball) you can sometimes fall through the fall at over 3x speed.


This is great!
Very orginal!